Lottery fever booming as billion dollar jackpot a possibility

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CREVE COEUR, Mo. – Nearly a billion dollars will be for grabs this week if you have a lucky lottery ticket.

The general manager at American Carnival Mart in Creve Coeur was checking with his 32 employees Wednesday afternoon to find out who wanted to join in the lotto pool for Friday night’s Mega Millions game.

“We do it when the pot gets big,” general manager Mark Haug said.

They aren’t the luckiest bunch of folks.

“We’ve been striking zero,” Haug said. “We’ve played about eight times during the past year and we have not won anything.”

The store has millions of dollars on hand, play money, workers want to win the real thing.

Worker Monica Widger said she’d quit if they won.

“I think so; if I won enough, sure,” she said.

“I love my job, I really do, but who wants to go to work when you don’t have to?” Taylor Baalman said.

In the meantime, they already know how they will spend their winnings.

Brett Dayton said she’d buy a new house.

“I’d probably move out of my parent’s house,” she said.

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