Flood warnings along riverfront areas in the St. Louis region

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Heavy rains in the upper Midwest caused flooding downstream in the St. Louis area.

In St. Charles County, the ‘road closed’ signs go up when the river rises. Farmers’ fields turn into lakes. Some residents are always prepared; they live in elevated homes. Boats are parked in front yards, ready to go, just in case.

“This particular kind of flood happens two or three times a year,” said Steve Young, who lives in Portage Des Sioux.

A few streets in town were covered by river water and some homes were surrounded. It seemed to be more annoying than a huge problem.

“For those of us who live our here, a lot of these people have lived here for generations, this is just a part of daily life,” Young said.

The water was also rising in Grafton, Illinois. The Brussels Ferry closed and warning signs were posted miles down the road. Store owners said those signs are misunderstood by potential customers. The owners lose shoppers and sales.

“People see the sign that road is closed so they think Grafton is closed but Grafton is not closed,” said local business owner Georgia Van Winkle. “There’s no flood water in Grafton. The majority of the community is dry.”

Meanwhile, they were setting up for this weekend’s Grafton Rendezvous. It’s a gathering of folks who recreate life in the 1800s. They had to move to higher ground after the flood waters moved in. They’re not giving up.

“I want them to know to know it’s open and feel free to come out and visit and have a good time,” said Jim Roman, a rendezvous participant.

The river is forecasted to start dropping before the weekend.

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