St. Louis police chief, public safety director asked to appear before safety committee

ST. LOUIS – The St Louis Aldermanic Public Safety Committee met Thursday after being forced to cancel Tuesday’s meeting because there were too few members to start the meeting.

That Tuesday meeting was a day after there were three homicides in the City of St Louis in one day. The committee deals with issues of crime prevention and police.

Thursday, the committee had just enough members to have a meeting. Six of the 10 members showed up to deal with a $900,000 measure to solicit bids for crime prevention.

Investigative reporter Elliott Davis tried to speak with Tammika Hubbard, one of the committee members who skipped out on Tuesday’s meeting, but she did not want to talk.

It didn’t take the committee long to okay the measure to spend the money on crime prevention.

The chairman of the committee announced that he had asked the police chief and the public safety director to appear before the Public Safety Committee next Tuesday to talk about the city's crime problem.