City of St. Louis struggling to keep track of sex offenders

ST. LOUIS - You Paid For It sat down with both the Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway, and with the St. Louis City Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards.

The Auditor's Office says St. Louis law enforcement is not doing a good enough job keeping track of sex offenders living in the city. Those offenders are supposed to sign up to a sexual offender registry so that the public knows where they live.   The Auditor says 19 percent of the sex offenders living in the City of St. Louis are unaccounted for.

That compares to 2 percent unaccounted for in St. Charles County, and 1 percent in St. Louis County.

But the Public Safety Director says the numbers of sex offenders moving in an out of the city are too fluid to keep up with all of them. But Jimmie Edwards does emphasize that city police are keeping up with the most serious offenders.