City hopes new signs will deter vandalism of Christopher Columbus statue

ST. LOUIS – Columbus Day is just hours away which means celebrating the Italian explorer for some, but distress for others who are upset over treatment of indigenous people.

Monday is Columbus Day and for the past few years, this statue of Christopher Columbus here in Tower Grove Park has been vandalized.

A little over a month ago members from the community gathered here to discuss what should be done with the statue.

Tower Grove Park Executive Director Bill Reininger says this park Is one of only 7 others in the country to have status as a 'National Historic Landmark' because of its architecture, statues and other art.

He says an independent commission is looking into the issue to offer suggests of what should be done about the statute if anything.

In a previous interview he had to say about the matter:

"We have to really address that with caution as we move forward in the conversation. We are really proud of that designation, but we also want to make sure that everybody feels included and welcome to the party.”

The park does have security, but for the past three years, the statute has been vandalized especially around Columbus Day.

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