U. City police set to ticket crosswalk violators

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UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. - Next time you drive through University City, you should take extra caution at the crosswalks.

“We want to make sure that drivers, pedestrians, bikers are always paying attention," said Captain Fredrick Lemon, University City Police Department.

Lemon said that’s the aim of a new crosswalk safety program put on by the department. They’re targeting areas like the Delmar Loop, where there’s a lot of foot and vehicle traffic.

“I mean, it’s the people you’ve got to worry about because they’re gonna try and run whenever there’s an opportunity instead of just waiting for the crosswalk to turn," said pedestrian Ryan Archer.

Sarwan Fahim says, “For the most part this place is quite safe in terms of walker safety but there are some instances where drivers can be a bit reckless.”

Captain Lemons said he’s had a designated team enforce the crosswalks for the past month now, but all officers are keeping an eye out for those that violate this law.

“Will put up a sign that says that the University City Police Department is enforcing the crosswalk and we'll have an officer put on a safety vest and attempt to cross the street at a crosswalk and we’re letting people know that this is what we’re doing this is where it’s happening and we still have people violating because sometimes they did not know the law or they’re not paying attention," he said.

He estimates the department has given out between 35 and 50 tickets for crosswalk violations but says it’s more about educating the public so his officers don’t get called out to an accident.

“You can get up to two points on your license, $110 fine so it is a rather expensive ticket,” he said.

If you get stopped, police are looking for this to be an educational experience; and while you may get a ticket, you’ll also get some paperwork that explains how the crosswalk law works.

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