SSM Health Medical Minute – Missouri law requires insurance to cover 3D mammograms

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ST. LOUIS - Missouri bill HB 1252 requires insurance companies to cover 3D mammography. Previously, there was an additional charge for a radiologist to read these results. SSM Health would cover the additional charges for patients, but this law allows it to be covered by insurance, allowing women to receive the improved screening without the additional charge.

October is Breast Cancer awareness month, a time to remind women that annual mammograms should start at the age of 40; unless you have a family history of breast cancer, which means you should start earlier.

Dr. Andrea Behr, breast surgeon at SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital in Lake St. Louis, says that 3D mammograms, “Look at a 3D composite of a bunch of images that are achieved through a rotation of our mammogram machine to give us a lot more clarity in that picture and really see through and be able to see additional details.”

3D mammograms reduce the false positives that often occur with the traditional 2D mammograms and cause undue stress on patients.

“Women getting called back for abnormalities that then turn out to be nothing of concern so that’s a big gain for the 3D mammograms,” Behr said.

Dr. Behr also says that patients should be sure to look to book their mammogram at Breast Centers of Excellence. All SSM Health breast imaging centers offer 3D mammograms and are Breast Centers of Excellence.

To learn more about mammograms and breast health, click here.

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