Angry paying customers demand answers after cars broken into at city owned garage

ST. LOUIS - Mounting frustrations for some people who park in a city-owned public garage on Pine and 7th streets in downtown St. Louis.

This comes after they told Fox 2 that multiple cars were broken into Tuesday afternoon and night.

Aaron Clite said that he pays $115 a month to park in what he thought was a secured parking garage. But on Tuesday afternoon, a neighbor messaged him saying that his car may have been one of several that was broken into.

Clite’s vehicle had its driver’s side of the window shattered.

“When you have mass break-ins happening somebody needs to be doing something about it and it doesn’t seem like anyone really cares,” Clite said.

Then on the 8th floor of the garage, another car’s passenger and driver side windows are shattered and glass is everywhere.

People who pay to park in the garage said that police were notified and showed us a safety pamphlet that responding officers left on their windshields.

But customers said that’s not enough. They are frustrated because similar types of crimes keep happening all over the city.

Fox 2 sent a late evening inquiry into the police department but we could not immediately confirm just how many cars were hit.

One woman who asked us to conceal her identity said that many times she’s noticed, the garage door being wide open when it’s supposed to be locked after a certain hour.

“Normally there’s these gates that come down and block all three of the lanes,” the woman said, “and then there’s also the arms to swipe a key card but when they have events, everything is left wide open all day and all night.”

Fox 2 reached out to city Treasurer, Tishaura Jones for answers.

She immediately responded by saying that a letter addressing the issue was sent to customers.

Part of that letter reads that the city will increase security, limit after-hours door access and install additional security cameras on all levels of the facility in the next 30 days.

“Having to worry about replacing a $250 window is not something that I want to deal with at the moment,” said Clite, “that burden should be on the city, they failed us, they let us down.”

Fox 2 also asked the treasurer if those people will be compensated in any way, but we were told that any other questions would need to go directly to the office.

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