Convicted murderer in Kerry sisters slaying could see parole in 2020

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ST. LOUIS-  There is stunning news about Reginald Clemons---he`s the man who last year pleaded guilty to his role in the killings of the Kerry sisters back in 1991. The details on this story are in our partner the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Last December, Clemons confessed to the murders inside the Carnahan Courthouse downtown and received multiple life sentences.
Now, we`re learning he could be out of prison by 2020.

Clemons was originally convicted and sentenced to death back in 1993 for the murders of 19-year-old Robin Kerry and her 20-year-old sister Julie. The two were raped then thrown off the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge to their deaths in April of 1991.

Julie Kerry`s body was found three weeks later; Robin Kerry`s body was never found. Their cousin who was also with them when the attack happened was robbed and forced to jump from the bridge. But he survived.

Clemons was among four people convicted in the case, however, his conviction was overturned in 2015. Prosecutors decided to retry him.

Then last December, Clemons avoided a possible death sentence by pleading guilty to five charges two counts of second-degree murder, two counts of rape and one count of robbery. Judge Rex Burlison imposed five consecutive life sentences with each calculated at 30 years.

But a Missouri Department of Corrections spokesperson, Garry Brix, tells the Post that Clemons will have his first parole board hearing next June. That`s because Brix says the murders occurred before 1994 when the Missouri legislature began imposing mandatory minimum prison terms for violent felonies.

Clemons has already served more than 25 years for the murders. Brix explains that because pre-1994 laws are being used, Clemons is eligible for parole because he has already served more than the minimum 15 years of those sentences.

Brix says Clemons` earliest possible release date is November 9th, 2020.

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