Cardinals head into last six games with postseason on the line

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ST. LOUIS – It’s a huge week for the St. Louis Cardinals as these final six games will determine if and where they’ll end up in postseason play.

Cardinals fans have hope and confidence that the Red Birds will do well all the way into October. But those two feelings aren’t always in concert.

“Let’s say my hope is a little higher than my confidence,” said Cardinals fan Bill Miller. “Yeah, we always hope for them.”

Cardinals fans were at ticket office windows Monday to buy tickets for that night’s game.

The Harris family came all the way from South Carolina. They didn’t have any problems because of the hurricane, now they’re hoping the Cards don’t have any problems playing the Brewers and Cubs.

“I’m hoping they go all the way,” said Thea Harris.

Nearby restaurants know from experience. The deeper the Red Birds go into the season, the higher sales climb as customers flood local bar and grills.

Meanwhile, the team store has a lineup of souvenirs ready to go as the team hopefully moves from one round to the next.

“Each round, a new locker room graphic comes out or an on-field piece that the team’s wearing in the dugout, the fans want that,” said Stephanie Spargur, the retail director of the team store.

If the wild card is played at Busch Stadium, the team store will have a special hat. The divisional round calls for a popular lapel pin that depicts both teams on it. The store will roll out t-shirts, baseballs, and outerwear for the League Championship and World Series.

“The fans, if they don’t have anything red, they come in to find the red,” Spargur said.

Mickey McGill and his wife, Donna, traveled all the way from Tupelo, Mississippi.

“They’re just the Cardinals they got to go, they’ve got a good team they’ve got a good manager,” McGill said.

One fan from the Nashville area plans to go to Chicago to watch the Cards-Cubs series after the Red Birds play the Brewers.

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