Bomb threat causes evacuation at Lincoln County Courthouse

TROY, Mo. — A bomb threat has been reported at the Lincoln County Courthouse. This is the second bomb threat at the area in about a month. Police have performed a full sweep of the area and nothing suspicious was found. They say the scene is now secure.

A vague threat was called into the Lincoln County Courthouse at around 9am Thursday. Investigators were not sure which courthouse the caller was referring to. So, both the Old Court House and the Justice Center were evacuated. Officers made sure that area schools and businesses were secure while they performed a search.

Police also used dogs to help them search the area for anything suspicious. They did not find anything during their investigation. Both the County Courthouse and Justice Center have been cleared and are open to the public.

The Lincoln County Courthouse was also evacuated on August 9, 2018. That threat was called into Lincoln County 911 around 2:00pm on a Thursday. It is not clear if the calls are connected.