Quick-thinking IDOT workers stop suspected DUI driver, after he crashes into construction barrels

COLLINSVILLE, IL – A man was stopped by Illinois construction workers for allegedly driving under the influence.

Only Fox 2 cameras captured what happened. Illinois State Police say that driver is now facing felony charges for driving under the influence and driving careless in a construction work zone.

Bommarito Automotive SkyFox was over the scene Wednesday morning near southbound 255 and Route 3.

Investigators say the driver of a pick-up truck ran into construction barrels set up by IDOT road workers near a Dupo Work Zone. “The driver of the pickup pulled over and the construction workers approached him to see if they were in need of medical assistance or anything and the driver of the pick- up was using drugs at the time on the shoulder at 255 Mile Maker 15, “said Trooper Dye.

Police say a quick-thinking IDOT Worker boxed the intoxicated driver in with a Bobcat.

A construction worker called 911. “They did do the right thing and actually once the driver stopped after striking several construction barrels and using drugs he attempted to flee, said Dye.

“One of our employees did the right thing and got the police on the scene. I am very proud of my co-worker. He did a great job, quick thinking on both the contractor and employee and excellent response by police,” said Joseph Monore.

IDOT officials say every driver has a responsibility to exercise caution and good judgment in construction zones. “It’s just essential that the folks on the payment that are driving be respectful and look out. We want the men and women to work on our roads and bridges to go home safely,” said Monore.

Imagine that’s your father, your mother, or sister. I know they are in that zone, you will slow down and, in this case, we are thankful no one was seriously injured or killed.

Authorities say drug paraphernalia was found in the man’s vehicle.