Residency requirement legislation stalled before St. Louis Board of Aldermen

ST. LOUIS - Are St. Louis city workers held hostage to their jobs.  According to the residency requirement, S.t Louis city workers must live in the city to work in the city with a few exceptions.

But legislation to put a measure before voters to change that is stalled in the city's Board of Aldermen.

It's gotten first-round approval, but the sponsor is having trouble with the next hurdle, final passage.

Police and Firefighters can leave the city and keep their jobs after 7 years. But new officers have to live in the city. That's making it harder to attract new officers to try and make up the manpower shortage.

Other city workers don't even get that option.

The sponsor of the new legislation Carol Howards believes all workers should have a chance to leave if they want. She also says changing the residency requirement would open up a new pool of workers to choose from.

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