Travelers heading back to St. Louis before Hurricane Florence hits

ST. LOUIS, MO —  More than a million people are expected to evacuate as hurricane Florence gets closer to the east coast. Some of those are people from the St. Louis area.

Plenty of people will be catching flights heading out of St. Louis this morning. But, we caught up with several people arriving here. They cut their trips to the eastern seaboard short to get out of that part of the country before Florence hits.

We talked with people who caught flights out of places including Raleigh, North Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia. One group of women we met were from Farmington and were on a vacation of sorts to Savannah. Another man was on a business trip in Raleigh.  All of them tell us they had no problems booking flights to get back to St. Louis and they are just happy to be home safe.

Officials along the east coast saying today is really the last day that people will be able to get out of that region before Florence hits with fury.


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