Taxicab Commission set to ban live-streaming of passengers

ST. LOUIS - The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports area taxi cab drivers will soon face a new regulation.  The St. Louis Metropolitan Taxicab Commission is in the process of banning live-steaming of passengers.

The move comes after a Post-Dispatch report on a local ridesharing driver who live-streamed his interactions with passengers without their consent.  Uber and Lyft cut ties with that driver.

The longtime owners of the St. Louis County Cab and Yellow Cab welcome this newest regulation.

“Regulations exist for a purpose, to protect the riding public so you have the peace of mind of knowing that when you get in a taxi cab that the driver has had a fingerprint background check, a physical, the vehicles are regularly inspected and maintained by a locally owned and operated business,” said co-owner Debbie Rudawski.

The new regulations do not apply to Uber and Lyft drivers.

“I completely welcome this regulation and I would be shocked if it ever happened in one of our taxicabs,” said Basil Rudawski, co-owner of St. Louis County Cab and Yellow Cab.

The Rudawskis said cab companies in St. Louis currently face regulations regarding recording devices.  The newest regulation adds the element of live-streaming.