Good Samaritan attacked while trying to break-up purse snatching

ST. LOUIS – A Good Samaritan tried to break up a purse snatching and became a victim himself in south St. Louis, Sunday.

55-year-old Barry Swanagan is charged with second-degree assault.

A man driving in the area of 4100 South Broadway reported to police that he saw Swanagan hitting a woman and trying to grab her purse.

According to court documents, the driver tried to help the woman, telling her to get in his car for safety. That's when he said Swanagan leaned into his open car window and began striking him in his face and choking him. When he tried to drive off, court documents say Swanagan continued to assault him and even tried to force him to crash by grabbing his steering wheel.

St. Louis Police arrested Swanagan. His bond was set at 25,000.