St. Clair County takes the brunt of Saturday’s heavy rainfall

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ST. CLAIR COUNTY, IL - Wet weather is causing hazards for people across the St. Louis Metro area.
First responders in St. Clair County say on Saturday they had 10 to 15 water rescues calls because of the flash flooding.

Kenneth Rattler explains his car was washed right off the road while he was stuck inside.

“It pushed me all the way over and I wasn’t able to get back on the street and that’s how I ended up over in this levee over here,” he says.

He says he had to wade through waist-deep water to make it to safety, but his car, on the other hand, may be stuck for a while.

“I can’t find a tow truck right now because they’re so busy and hopefully I get my car out here sometime,” he says.

Over in East St. Louis, an exit off of I-255 was shut down. The ramp was swallowed by water, but many drivers on State Street took their chances and tried to drive through it.

Midway Assistant Fire Chief Arthur Villherd says his department had on several water rescues calls on Saturday for people needing to be saved from their homes and from their vehicles.

He says, “Do not drive your car through the water because that’s what happens. People don’t realize how deep the water is.”

There was an instance on Saturday where a power line fell on top of a car. First responders say if that ever happens, stay in your vehicle because if you try to get out there’s a chance you could get electrocuted. The person in that situation waited for help to arrive and did get out safely.

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