St. Louis readies for remnants of Gordon this weekend

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ST. LOUIS – Time to batten down the hatches as the area prepared for lots of rain and possible flash flooding this weekend.

It has happened before: what’s left of a tropical storm slams into the St. Louis area, unleashing major problems.

In south St. Louis, MSD crews vacuumed out another sewer. The truck packs a lot of power, capable of removing a bunch of debris that could cause flash flooding.

“With this upcoming forecast we do have extra crews out checking different areas, low lying areas, to make sure the inlets are free and clear of debris,” said MSD spokesman Sean Hadley.

He said seven of the trucks were out in the city and another four in the county. MSD officials said if you encounter dangerous flooding, call 911.

“If you have blocked inlets, a flooded street, a basement backup do call us…if we have a high level of calls it may take us a bit to respond to your call but we will respond to each and every call this weekend,” said MSD spokesman Lance LeComb.

The Mississippi River at St. Louis was predicted to jump some 15 feet to flood stage in just a few days.

Meanwhile, MoDOT officials said they had crews out on Interstate 44 clearing storm grates of debris. Roads will get wet but they want to make sure they don’t go under. That happened just last month when part of one interstate flooded in heavy rain. Officials were hoping their efforts pay off.

“Statewide, MoDOT is having conference calls with the National Weather Service with the current forecast, as well as the forecast as it changes to make sure we're prepared…we will have staff on all weekend as needed to keep everyone safe,” MoDOT District Engineer Tom Blair said.

As always, homeowners were advised to make sure water is flowing away from their homes. Downspouts should be pointed in the right direction and gutters should be clear and free of debris.

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