Vibration from MoDOT construction site has some homeowners worried about damage

ST. LOUIS - The construction on Interstate-44 in south St. Louis continued Wednesday morning.  Fox 2 recorded some video inside a nearby resident’s home that showed his pepper shaker wobbling and a light fixture moving.

“It’s pretty intense,” said one resident.  “Pretty loud.”

The vibrations are coming from giant pillars being slammed into the ground as part of a pedestrian bridge project.  Two residents claim cracks formed in parts of their home after the construction work began.  A MoDOT spokesman said a vibration monitor the agency uses to monitor the work has yet to indicate any levels that could be considered damaging.

“You get bounced out of bed around eight o’clock,” said nearby resident Rosemary Lanes.

Stan McFarland lives next to the construction site and said he’s yet to see any damage to his home.

“The foundation is my main concern and the basement, but so far so good,” said McFarland. “Haven’t seen any damage.”

A MoDOT spokesman said anyone who believes they sustained damage because of the project can file a complaint through their insurance company.

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