Husband steps in to deliver daughter at home

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CREVE COEUR, Mo. – It's been quite an eventful Wednesday for this west St. Louis County family.

“The wee hours of the morning,” says Carly Scaduto. “Starting about 12:45.”

For Carly and Frank Scaduto the labor pains early Wednesday were no big deal, after all, the couple and 4-year-old Leo live less than five minutes from Mercy Hospital.

“Our son was asleep so we couldn't leave him until my Mom got there,” says Scaduto.  “So, we waited for my Mom to get there which was only like 15 minutes.  But in that 15 minutes from when he called and she arrived, she was on her way.”

Carly's mom was on her way, but so too was baby Aria.

Call it a noteworthy entrance for little Aria.

And for the Scaduto family, they're singing the praises of the Creve Coeur police department and a Central County Emergency 911 dispatcher for talking them through the entire process.

“But then he was on the phone the whole time asking me what was going on and happening with her,” says Frank Scaduto. “I just listened as I tried to get cues from her to like what was going on.”

A group effort was undertaken to help this happy, healthy Aria find her voice.

“I just grabbed the baby and that was a surreal moment and she started crying,” says Frank Scaduto. “It felt fitting that minute I was holding her and waiting for her to make some sound and when she did it was the best sound I've ever heard.”

The best sound he's heard, next to that dispatcher and the police and EMS crews arriving.

Frank adds those were some reassuring sounds as well early Wednesday morning.

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