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Expected heavy rain is forcing some schools to reschedule football games

ST. CHARLES, MO - With heavy rain expected in the region over the next few days, at least 10 area high schools have already moved their football games to Thursday night instead of Friday. Francis Howell High School staff said their football game will take place Thursday night but the annual appreciation event they put on for first responders has been rescheduled to October 12th. It was supposed to take place at Friday night's game.

Meanwhile, first responders with the St. Charles County Ambulance District said they are gearing up for any water rescues they might respond to. Staff said they have 17 ambulances on hand and additional staff members on call with the search and rescue team that performs water rescues.

They said that the team will be prepared with life vests and throw ropes. Staff are reminding people to never drive through standing water.