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Affton teacher enhances learning through technology, wins $500

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – A local teacher’s use of technology in the classroom has resulted in a $500 award from Weber Chevrolet.

Alison Nixon teaches seventh-grade Social Studies at Rogers Middle School in Affton, Mo. Her father, Edward Geiler, says Alison brings the most advanced teaching equipment to the classroom for the benefit of her students. He therefore nominated Alison for this month’s Tools For Teachers award, resulting in a $500 payout to Alison from Weber Chevrolet.

“She is an exciting, up-to-date, technically savvy educator who peaks her students’ interest and keeps them totally involved in the learning process by utilizing the newest and most advanced hardware, software and technical teaching equipment she can afford,” he wrote in his nomination.

Edward and Alison joined KPLR Friday, Aug. 31 so that Alison could receive her award.