Missouri marriage age raised to 16 , takes effect today

ST. LOUIS - Missouri recently took the step of outlawing marriage between 15-year-olds.  A new law will go into effect, Tuesday, August 28 which changes the age requirements for obtaining a marriage license in Missouri.

The minimum age to get married goes up from 15 to 16 and anyone under 18 must have consent from a parent or guardian.

Additionally, Missouri will not issue marriage licenses if one party is under 18 and the other is 21 or older.

Before the new law Missouri was one of 25 states with no minimum Marriage age making the state a destination spot for underage brides. Many people were concerned that the lack of age requirements in the past had opened to the door for adults to prey on children and in essence legalize statutory rape.

In signing the law Governor Parson said the welfare of Missouri`s children has to be our top priority.