Meteorologist meeting in St. Louis staying inside to beat the heat, like everyone else

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ST. LOUIS – It figures this heat would roll into to town at the very same time as one of the largest gatherings of meteorologists in the country is taking place in St. Louis.

The conference is being held at the Marriott Grand Hotel in downtown for the National Weather Association's annual meeting. And because of the heat, all of the meteorologists are hanging out inside in the air conditioning.

By this time in the season, most of us have adjusted to this kind of heat.  It is not record-breaking, and it’s only a handful of degrees above normal. The lazy, hazy, days of August that are perfect for the young ones to play out in the sprinkles and pools.

But what is making this short stretch of sweltering temperatures stand out, is the fact that just last week we had multiple days of cloudy, cool and at times wet weather. A big contrast and our bodies are sensitive to that.

The hottest parts of the town are downtown, where everything is paved over, while the coolest areas are out on the water or on lush grassy surfaces like a golf course. But even there, it still pretty hot and humid and folks need to take precautions.

If you have to be outdoors, take plenty of breaks, rest in the shade and if possible move into an air-conditioned space for a little while. Avoid the alcoholic beverages and drink plenty of water and check in on the elderly and pets.

Fortunately, this latest stretch of heat and humidity is going to get nipped in the bud when the next front arrives by the middle of the week.

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