More problems arise for officers patrolling MetroLink

ST. LOUIS - New MetroLink security measures are ready to take effect, but there are a few snags in the deal.

St. Clair County Sheriff’s Deputies are set to patrol St. Louis City MetroLink stops and trains.

But the deputies will have no arrest powers on the Missouri side; they'll only be able to detain suspects and call for help from a St. Louis City Officer to make the actual arrest.

Sheriff Rick Watson who came up with the idea envisioned his deputies patrolling with a St. Louis City Officers.

But St. Louis City Public Safety Director Jimmy Edwards says they don't have the manpower for that.

Finally, there's an issue with the radios. The St. Clair County Deputies won't be able to call the St. Louis police directly on the radio. They'll have to go through a MetroLink dispatcher for help.