East St. Louis resident demands housing authority fixes her apartment

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EAST ST. LOUIS - Tall grass and weeds fill this East St. Louis Housing Complex.

In some spots, landscaping has grown almost as high as two feet.

It’s evident this is not the most beautiful curbside, but Erin Sanders, a resident, says the inside is no better.

“The mold, the mildew, the bugs, the grass,” Sanders said naming her concerns. “It’s been so much, I don’t know where to begin.”

Sanders has lived in her apartment since 2015.

The mother of a 4-year-old says she’s complained on numerous occasions and the maintenance team has come out.

“When they do come fix it, you can see the results of what they fake fix,” she said. “Nothing.”

The mother complaints come almost a year after HUD Secretary, Ben Carson, came to East St. Louis to announce that his office would be returning control back to local officials.

“The residents must have credible, honest, responsible and frequent assurance that the housing authority is functioning as intended,” Carson said in his September 2017 speech in East St. Louis, Il.

It’s that assurance Sanders says she doesn’t have right now.

When she adds in her son’s disabilities, the concerned mom says she’s gone from asking to demanding changes.“My son is autistic, non-verbal. He has CP, he has lung disease, he was born premature so I try to stay up on his health,” the mom said. “With mold and mildew, he is not supposed to be in here.”

When Fox 2 reached out to Mildred Motley, the Executive Director of the East St. Louis Housing Authority, she made it clear that any resident with concerns should bring them to her office.

She went on to say maintenance workers do regular extermination programs as well.

Meanwhile, while mousetraps are set up, Sanders is hopeful there’s less talk and more action.

“I just want my apartment to be livable,” Sanders said. “Something decent so my son doesn’t hurt himself. That’s it.”

Fox 2 reached out to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan office for a comment, but her press secretary did not return a request for a statement.

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