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You Paid For It – Missouri AG sues St. Louis Housing Authority

ST. LOUIS – Missouri Attorney General John Hawley filed a lawsuit Thursday against the St. Louis Housing Authority over the mice infestation and other troubles at the Clinton-Peabody housing complex.

McCormick Baron, the private management company chosen by the housing authority to run the complex, was also named in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit asked the court to force the housing authority to refund rent to tenants paid during the time the complex was infested with mice and insects.

The suit also asks that McCormick Baron be forced to return profits from its contract with the housing authority to run Clinton-Peabody.

The You Paid for it team first broke this story and followed up with more than a dozen reports on TV and social media. Our reports attracted the attention of state legislators and prompted the St. Louis Health Department to crank up its efforts against the St. Louis Housing Authority.

That attracted the attention of the Missouri Attorney General, who filed the lawsuit.

Cheryl Lovell, director of the St. Louis Housing Authority, did not respond to Fox 2/KPLR 11's requests for a comment but told our news partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that she was not aware of the lawsuit but believed it to be unproductive and a waste of tax dollars.