Abandoned baby bobcat being nursed back to health

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POTOSI, Mo. - An abandoned baby bobcat was discovered at the Potosi YMCA parking lot. Missouri Department of Conservation agents brought the wild animal to the Bi-State Wildlife Hotline in north St. Louis County to nurse it back to health.

Each year, the non-profit takes care of injured wild animals, some that were injured by humans or hit by a car. The animals don’t become pets, they're returned to the wild to continue their lives.

When the bobcat kitten arrived at the organization late last month, it was in bad shape.

“She was covered in ticks. She was not doing well at all, very skinny and very malnourished,” said Angel Wintrode, president and founder of the Bi-State Wildlife Hotline.

They feed the bobcat dead quail and mice and human hands don’t touch her food bowls.

“We want to make sure those guys stay as wild as possible when they leave," Wintrode said. "They have to keep their distance from humans.”

Wintrode said she hopes to release the bobcat back into the wild in four to six weeks. The animal has already gained close to five pounds.

“I care about these animals, we care about their place in this world. Someone has to defend them, someone has to stand up and explain to the public how to co-exist with them,” she said.

Wintrode said her favorite part of being a volunteer is when they get to release an animal back into the wild.

The not-for-profit agency depends on donations. They spend thousands of dollars a year on food. If you’d like to help, you can contact the organization online at www.wildlifehotline.com or by phone at 855-945-3435.

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