Man charged with taking photos up women’s dresses

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OVERLAND, Mo. – A sex offender has confessed to having as many as 100 female victims in St. Louis County involving invasion of privacy incidents. He’s been jailed for taking pictures up women’s dresses.

Curtis Smith, 36, was charged with two counts of invasion of privacy and failing to register as a sex offender.

One victim, who asked to remain anonymous, said he took a lewd photo of her at a Dollar Tree store in Bridgeton.

“It’s upsetting and embarrassing all at the same time,” she said.

The woman at the Bridgeton store said she asked the manager to call the police but he refused. She then went home and called them herself.

“He needs to be monitored, he needs to be registered,” the victim said.

Weeks earlier, Overland police said a similar case occurred at a Dollar Tree at Overland Plaza.

“He was actually a sex offender from years before,” said Lt. Steve Branham, Overland Police Department.

Court papers indicated Smith was charged with sexual misconduct and indecent exposure in Maplewood in 2013. He apparently never registered as a sex offender nor did he keep his information updated.

“There’s so many of them, all they have to do is move and not tell anybody, and they can stay under the radar for years and go undetected,” Branham said.

Police said Smith confessed to the recent incidents as well as 100 other cases.

“We’re absolutely concerned there’s possibly one hundred other victims in St. Louis County,” Branham said.

Dollar Tree officials declined to comment on their employee’s actions. A county police spokesman said it is the responsibility of the offender to register as set forth as part of their conviction.

Overland police are asking anybody who believes they've had a run-in with Smith to contact them at 314-428-4760 or via email at

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