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Massive tear down and clean-up effort at Bellerive following PGA Championship

TOWN AND COUNTRY, Mo. – The 100th PGA Championship is now in the books, but just because it’s over doesn’t mean there’s still not a lot more to do. Piece by piece, the PGA is packing up its bags.

Mike DeCola, the general chairman of the PGA Championship, says he wants to have the grounds cleared within the next six weeks.

“That’s the plan, we’ll see how we do,” he says.

The deconstruction process has already started.

Jake Terrell and his team are taking down the video boards.

“We’ve been here the last two weeks setting everything up, but our people have been here for months,” he said. “We actually get it all done in one day. Taking it down is a lot quicker than going out, that’s for sure.”

Crews are also taking down the tents and deconstructing the bleachers, but there's still a lot of clean-up ahead.

“Every hole has three or four little poles with bags in it, so you have to get those changed out and off the ground. And plus, it piles up behind the concession stands, so you have to change that out also,” said Tony Allen, American Maintenance. “So right now, we’ve got like 100-200 bags up here behind the concession stand that we’re changing out.”

But in the midst of all the picking up, some are finding time to play. Others are looking for a good bargain on PGA apparel since almost everything in the store is 50 percent off.

“It’s Christmas shopping. I came the day that it opened and I already bought some gifts but there were some I didn’t know about, so now I kinda got to clean up and finish up things,” said one shopper.

And as the cleanup continues inside the grounds, there’s an extra push to get the surrounding community back to normal.

“The CBS compound across the street is half of what it was at 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon, so they’re already starting to move stuff out. We have commitments to a large number of our neighbors to get stuff off of their property. Whitfield wants to start school soon, so we’re focusing there to get stuff off of our neighbors’ property fast, and then we'll deal with the stuff inside of Bellerive grounds,” says DeCola.

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