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Ethical Society of Police host diversity career fair for those interested in law enforcement

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO - The St. Louis County Chapter of the Ethical Society of Police hosted its first ever diversity career fair at Hazelwood Central High School on Saturday.  Potential recruits had the chance to meet face to face with officers from several area police departments to learn about career opportunities in law enforcement.  They also had an opportunity to ask questions.

“We want people to know it’s attainable to become a police officer in our area,” said St. Louis County Police Officer Shanette Hall.  “We want them to see how proud we are as police officers and how we want to serve our community and we want to encourage them to come along with us as well.”

“I believe residents feel more comfortable with people who look like them,” said St. Louis Metropolitan Police Sgt. Christy Allen.  “It makes us much more relatable and it also helps with building that relationship with the community and the police officers.”

Organizers plan on holding similar events in the future.