Counterfeit bills used to buy pizza at Union, Mo. Domino’s

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UNION, Mo. – The Union police chief says in the past week two men passed a counterfeit $50 bill to a Domino's pizza delivery driver.

Police say the counterfeit bills are hard to spot and the money feels and even smells real.

“In this was a case, someone had copied fake money and it looks real,” said Chief Norman Brune.

Domino’s delivery drivers say the pizza was delivered to a location and not an address. It was a gravel parking lot across the street from a factory in an industrial area and the phone used to place the order is no longer in service.

“If it does not look real, make sure. I hold it up to the sky and make sure it’s real,” said Olivia Adams.

“Every now and then things do happen. We are in a hurry sometimes and drivers don’t think twice about it. But this has happened several times in the last month, so we are being more cautious,” said store manager Colten Berger.

Police say they have at least three to four reports every month of counterfeiters in the area and it's not just Union businesses getting burned.

“These bills contain writing that looks like foreign writing. It's common for us to see this and we see it regularly,” said Chief Brune. “So just beware of what you get to make sure it feels like a real piece of money from the United States government.”

Anyone with information regarding the incident should contact the Union Police Department 636-583-3700.

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