Old Chrysler plant serves as parking lot for fans headed to PGA Championship

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FENTON, MO - With temperatures in the 90’s and vehicles in the thousands, finding a parking space and remembering that location was a big deal in Fenton Wednesday.

“This is great,” says Greg Lawrence.  “Fabulous. Where else can you park 8,000 cars?’

“We love golf,” exclaims Mike & Mary Jo Smith simultaneously.

“You know what this used to be?” Asks Patrick Clark.

“Yeah old Chrysler Plant,” says Paul Bradford.

For those wondering what all the cars were doing at the old car plant, the answer was waiting hoping that their owners would find them.

Now called Fenton Logistics Park.

From 1959 until 2007 this was known as St. Louis Assembly.

It`s where generations of St. Louisans were once employed making minivans and trucks.

“That was our surprise when we saw the cars lined up,” says Susan Frazier.  “We thought it would take a long time to get parked and get on a bus but it was only 30 minutes.”

“We got here by 9 o`clock and within 40 minutes we were on the course,” says Scott Pinson.

“Find landmarks,” says Kevin Greenaway.  “Find two or three landmarks, so you can get familiar and get back.”

“There aren`t any marking and we just saw some people that looked like they were trying to find their car,” says Frazier.  “We had a guardian angel who pointed us to an end spot.”

A free parking lot in Fenton with shuttle buses to take to the 100th PGA championship was a good bargain.

Until it became a game of Marco Polo with your key fob and your car, truck or SUV.

“We remembered where we parked,” says Mary Jo Smith.  “We`ve done this before and you`d better know where you are when you leave.”

“Tomorrow might be a little more clicking clicking,” says Greg Haas.  “Tomorrow is worrisome.  We`re going to be here early.”

“Um, landmarks like the cracker barrel and the big electrical tower,” recommends Greenaway.

“You cross-referenced?” Asks Clark.

“Yes,” laughs Greenaway.  “I triangulated.”

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