Hawley brings Senate campaign to St. Charles, challenges McCaskill to debate

ST. CHARLES, MO – The stage is set for the November election. Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley won the Republican primary Tuesday night for the U.S. Senate. On the Democratic side, incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill cruised to victory over her challengers.

Many people were unsure if Josh Hawley was serious about that debate stage with hay bells and podiums, well I can tell it`s definitely a thing.

Hawley spoke with his supporters in St. Charles Wednesday pointing out why he believes he will make a better senator than Claire McCaskill.

It`s no surprise about the number of political jabs the two have been making against each other and ramping up the attacks following Tuesday’s primary election.

In a letter sent by Hawley to McCaskill, the Senate hopeful wants to take this flatbed for a debate platform with McCaskill.

Hawley says it’s a long way to November but he`s feeling confident.