McCaskill visits biofuel plants in Missouri on primary day

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MEXICO, Mo. – Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill spent the primary election day visiting biofuel plants in Missouri.

“Happy Primary Day,” McCaskill said while getting off her campaign bus to tour MidAmerica Biofuels in Mexico, Missouri.

It was her last stop before heading to Columbia to thank supporters for their help in the campaign. The two-term incumbent is one of a handful of candidates on the Democratic primary ballot but it’s a foregone conclusion that she will again be the party’s nominee.

However, her 12 years in the Senate have not made her a clear front-runner in November against the presumed Republican opponent, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley.

McCaskill is considered vulnerable in a state Donald Trump won by a large margin in 2016.

In recent days, she’s focused on farmers and farm-related businesses like this biofuel plant, highlighting concerns about the president’s tariffs, saying recent drops in soybean prices have resulted in nearly $680 million in lost jobs, wages, and tax revenue for Missouri. Tariffs will only make that worse, McCaskill said.

In an interview with Fox2/News11, she also jabbed Hawley on the issue of “dark money” – money spent on candidates with no direct identification of the source.

“If you can’t find out who’s paying for an ad, you shouldn’t pay any attention to it. You don’t know what the biases are,” she said. “You don’t know what their motive is; what their agenda is… I don’t care if an ad is for me or against me … there will be money spent on my behalf that people don’t know where it’s coming from … it is frustrating. I think if Missourians knew who was paying for the ads against me, it would probably make them want to vote for me. I think they’d like the enemies I’ve made.”

She claims Hawley supports “dark money.”

Polls have shown the November race too close to call with different polls showing either candidate holding a very slight lead.

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