St. Louis organization offering free rides to polls

ST. LOUIS - You hear the same saying every election cycle – get out and vote.

In some cases, voters turn out in large numbers while other times numbers are low.

Adequate transportation is sometimes a factor.

That’s where Keith Robinson and A. Phillip Randolph Institute is stepping in to help.

“We looking for to turn out a record number of folks even though it’s a primary, we’re looking to turn out as many people as we possibly can,” Robinson said.

For years, each election volunteers gas up their cars and make sure every voter who needs to get to the polls makes it there to have their voices heard.

With the quick dialing of a number, a driver is found for every voter.

“The line has been up for the last month and we’ve been taking calls and we have somebody manning that number right now,” Robinson said.

Whether its high-interest issues like Prop A or choosing the next St. Louis City Recorder of Deeds, Robinson says he wants to make sure no ballot goes unchecked.

The organization will be picking up eager voters from St. Louis city and county, plus the surrounding counties as well.

“Anybody who needs a ride, we will do whatever we can to assist them with getting there,” he said.”

Following intense protest due to high-interest issues in St. Louis, volunteers are hoping that the community realizes that a voteless people are a hopeless people.

“These are the elections that make a difference,” Robinson said. “And you can protest all you want to, but if you don’t go to the polls to vote then you’re not making real change.”

The number to call to schedule a free ride is 314-562-0411.

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