Absentee voting in the City of St. Louis suggest greater interest in this year’s primary

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ST. LOUIS - Election officials in St. Louis say absentee voting indicates there is a greater interest in this year’s primary compared to previous ones.  One reason could be the statewide measure involving the Right to Work issue.

A handful of absentee voters in the City of St. Louis claim they received the wrong ballot.  Election officials say there’s no way to confirm those claims because the concerns were raised after the ballots were cast.

“Our paperwork reflects that they were issued the correct ballot, that corresponds with their registration address,” said Gary Stoff, Republican Director of Elections for the City of St. Louis.

Stoff encourages voters to check online to make sure they know where their polling place is located.

Some voters have raised questions about Missouri’s new Voter ID law.  Stoff said whether you have a photo id or not, you will be able to vote as long as you are a registered voter and are in the correct polling place.

Election officials say some voters stay away from the polling place during primary elections because they do not want to identify with any one political party.  Stoff said there are no records kept regarding which party ballot you request.  He adds that anyone can request what’s called a “non-partisan” ballot.  Those ballots will allow you to vote for ballot measures but not any of the candidates.

Stoff encourages anyone who is registered to vote to get to the polls on Tuesday.  He’s expecting a 35% voter turnout.  Polls across the state open at 6am and will close at 7pm on Tuesday.

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