Fed up: St. Louis woman tries to tackle trash troubles

ST. LOUIS, MO - Lenora Whitcher lives near Union and Wells in north St. Louis and often wakes up to a row of litter.

“People driving by are throwing their trash,” she said. “They’re throwing their trash in our neighborhood.”

Whitcher picks up trash daily.  She wears gloves and fills up her own trash bags.  We spotted her picking up trash on Sunday and it didn’t take her long to fill up a bag.

“She gets up early in the morning,” said neighbor Lamarr Paige.  “I go to work every day and every morning she’s doing it.”

Whitcher has lived in other cities and believes St. Louis has a long way to go when it comes to picking up trash.  She wishes more would be done to address littering and believes it sends a message that no one cares.

“What makes us throw down trash like that?” she asks.  “We need to stop doing that!”

Whitcher said she’s been picking up trash in St. Louis on almost a daily basis for 18 years.  She’s hoping someone will join her because she’s moving away from St. Louis soon.  Neighbors fear she’s irreplaceable.

“Miss Lenora is one in a million,” said Paige.  “That’s all I can say.”

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