Multiple train cars fall from downtown St. Louis bridge

ST. LOUIS, MO — A train derailment near downtown St. Louis looks nasty but isn't expected to cause any traffic headaches. There is damage to the bridge. It isn't clear when train service will be restored to the area.

Multiple Union Pacific train cars fell off the rails south of Chouteau and west of Wharf around 4:30am Thursday. The accident happened on the Terminal Railroad bridge in downtown St. Louis.

Seven cars fell from the bridge in one location. Another car fell off in another location. It is not clear how many more cars are derailed on the bridge.

The good news is that all of the train cars were empty. No one was hurt in the accident.

It is not clear what led to the derailment. The bridge was damaged during the accident. A power pole was also damaged during the crash. The cars are in pieces in the location. Wheels can be seen on the tracks and the cars are below. Concrete chunks litter the scene.

Union Pacific will be working on cleaning up the accident Thursday. An update will be provided by officials from the train company later today. More information will be posted then.