MetroLink opens new station in Cortex district

ST. LOUIS – As MetroLink celebrates its 25th anniversary, the rail transportation system added a new station and it could be one of the most important on the line.

Millennials make up almost 70 percent of the workforce population in the Cortex Innovation Community. The new station is what they’ve been asking for and it should only mean goods things for the area.

“It’s an economic engine here for the city of St. Louis,” said State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed. “Millions and millions of dollars are being created right at this site.”

There were two ribbon cuttings Tuesday for the new Metro train station. One by a train and one by officials. The stop will serve people at the hospitals nearby and employees at the 60 companies in the Cortex technology district.

“We’re just continuing to add these amenities to allow the workforce in the district to come early and stay late,” said Dennis Lower, president and CEO of Cortex.

Old buildings are being repurposed and new buildings are going up, like the one for Microsoft’s Midwest regional headquarters.

“So we had two buildings in 2010 and today we have 13 buildings, and we have another 13 we expect to break ground on in the next four years,” Lower said.

St. Louis Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed said there are a lot of folks working insides those offices.

“The Cortex district now has created over 5,000 jobs and they’re well on their way to create 15,000,” Reed said.

Approximately $650,000,000 worth of new apartments and condos are being built in the area.

Lower said countries like Australia, Saudi Arabia, and places in Europe are looking at Cortex as a model to copy. The Metro train station provides another important part to a growing area.

“This is a big deal,” he said.