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Missouri-set shows, movies no longer being filmed in Show Me State

ST. LOUIS - The Show Me State might be showing up on the Netflix original series “Ozark” and the new HBO mini-series “Sharp Objects,” in which Amy Adams plays a reporter investigating a series of murders in a small Missouri town.

But none of those productions are really being shot in Missouri, nor the money they bring in from their productions.

“Right now, there are about 33 states that have incentive programs and we no longer have an incentive program,” said Joni Tackette, a casting director and president of the Missouri Motion Media Association. “Ours expired in November 2017, right after ‘Gone Girl’ filmed here.”

Instead, Georgia, which offers numerous tax incentives to production companies and movie studios, has become the world mecca for moviemaking. Missouri’s $4.5 million incentives towards film production are no more.

Tackette said she’s lobbied the Missouri legislature to bring the incentive program back.

“We have not been able to get it passed and back on the books. And it has to be legislated in order to be back on the books,” she said. “So, sure, we have a new governor and I’m hopeful we can get this business back in Missouri. It’s really something great for our state.”

In 2017, film and television productions in Georgia generated $9.5 billion. A record 320 films and TV shows were produced in the Peach State, resulting in $2.7 billion in direct spending there.

Tackette said Missouri cannot be competitive without an incentive program. She said that according to the Motion Picture Association America, there’s a statistic that sticks out.

“It’s $17.8 billion of American filmmaking exported from our country,” she said. “So that’s an industry that Missouri really needs to be a part of. Whether that’s a small incentive so we’re a small part of, or we up our incentive to be a bigger part of it, it’s something I hope our governor and legislators will consider.”

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