Police departments across the U.S. challenging one another to lip-sync challenges

BALLWIN, MO - Police departments across the country continue to participate in the latest lip sync challenge.

The challenge encourages creativity and nourishes a competitive spirit, while they capitalize on some good viral PR for a change.

The Ballwin Police Department lip sync challenge video starts off with the chief of police putting a ban on all doughnut and requiring officers to start eating healthy food all set to Adele’s “Someone Like You” to a doughnut.

The video was released Thursday night on Facebook it flashes back to the days the officers were allowed to eat doughnut ending with officers revolting trying to get the doughnut

implemented again.

The video already had more than 139,000 views 2,000 likes and 3,000 shares.

Police signed up to protect and serve but now they are singing and dancing. The campaign is sweeping the nation from San Francisco to Settle to Carolina’s. Some of the videos have gone viral.

This month the Pevely Police Department also had a big hit passing two million views on Facebook with their performance in the viral lip sync challenge.

It’s a chance for police to show off their skills to their favorite hits and challenge other departments to do the same.

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