Branson community continues to mourn after Duck Boat tragedy

BRANSON, Mo. - As the Duck Boat investigation continues, loved ones of victims and Branson residents continue to mourn and honor the 17 who were killed

Sunday morning, candles are still burning following Saturday night’s candlelight vigil held outside the office of Ride the Ducks. A countless number of people showed up for that vigil, just being one of three that happened in the town.

One vigil was held at Brookside Church. This church originally had planned to host a delayed Fourth of July celebration, however, after Thursday night`s tragedy, they decided to pray for the 17 victims instead.

The entire community is mourning, residents and visitors alike after this tragedy struck a town many come to have fun and get away. Still Sunday morning, hearts are heavy and prayers are strong.

People continue to come to lay bears and flowers, showing how much this tragedy affected everyone.