Rauner vetoes bill that would have altered Metro East Sanitary District Board

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Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner

GRANITE CITY, Ill. – Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed a controversial bill that would have changed the makeup on the Metro East Sanitary District Board.

Rauner came to the sanitary district office Tuesday morning in Granite City to veto Senate Bill 2368.

At present, the sanitary district is made up of three members from Madison County and two from St. Clair County.

The bill would have removed one of the two Republican members of the board from Madison County and replaced that person with the Granite City mayor, who is a Democrat.

Governor Rauner said the legislation would have taken the district back to past problems, including financial mismanagement and political hires.

“This is a bad bill. We should not have Springfield interfering in local control and the good management practices that have been brought here. And so that’s why I’m honored to sign this veto so that this does not become law from Springfield,” said Rauner.

The bill may come back up during the veto session this fall.

The sanitary district focuses on issues including trying to control flooding in parts of the Metro East.

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