Good Samaritan helps save family from St. Charles house fire

ST. CHARLES, Mo. - Following a recent fire inside a St. Charles family's home, we are hearing from one of the Good Samaritan's who said he jumped in to help. The fire happened at a home along Huntington Parkway a few weeks ago, on a night when there was severe weather in the area.

Mike Finklang said he was pulling up to his girlfriend's home when he noticed a home a few houses down that appeared to be on fire. He said there were multiple cars in the driveway so said he started to bang on all of the windows and doors alerting the family there was a fire.

He said it appeared all of the family members were sleeping in the basement and thinks it's because of the dangerous weather. Finklang said when one of the family members came to the door that he dashed inside the home to help get all of the children out.

His girlfriend's two sisters also jumped in to help, and neighbors said another young man in the neighborhood assisted too.

Finklang said he's relieved the family made it out in time. Fox 2 has reached out to the St. Charles Fire Department and is waiting to learn the cause of the fire.

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