Blind mother finally gets A/C fix, but later decides to move out of Housing Authority apartment

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO - The You Paid for it Teams sits down with a blind mother who turned to us for help when she and her kids were stuck staying in an apartment with no air conditioning.

It was costing taxpayers $1,100 a month for rent of the apartment in South St. Louis.

We got involved when she couldn't get the landlord to get moving to fix the air conditioning. She says she could not get action from the St. Louis County Housing Authority who was paying the landlord your money.

Now a major change since we weighed in and exposed the problem.

Not only does she have air now, but the Housing Authority is granting her wish to get out of the lease and move elsewhere.

She also discovered that she was paying for expenses in the unit that she didn't have to pay.

Ultimately, the Housing Authority Director Susan Rollins decided that the landlord's moves to fix the air was just too little too late.

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