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Elderly man saved from house fire after alert neighbors call 911

BELLEVILLE, Ill. - A house fire at a home on Little Flower Lane broke out just before midnight. Crews responded quickly and were able to contain the fire.

A neighbor was the one who saw the flames and called 911. The neighbor says an elderly man lives in the home by himself and he was worried he was asleep at the time.

"It was really bright at first. We noticed it was a fire right away. Me and my roommate Chris, we called 911. We got everyone out of our house and we tried to go knock on his house. I think he is a little hard of hearing. So, I think it was hard to get him to hear us. When the police officer got here, he opened his door and got Wayne out safely," said Fernando Garcia.

The cause of the fire is not known at this time. A firefighter tells FOX 2 the man who lives in the home will be able to return once he gets his power restored.