Police ask for public’s help identifying car break-in suspects

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CREVE COEUR, Mo. – Creve Coeur Police are searching for suspects of a car break-in that was caught on high definition video.

The high definition video shows some men breaking into an unlocked car at the Vicino On The Lake Apartments on Wednesday at around 6:45 a.m.

The car owner had a dual dash cam set up to capture front-end activity and anything that goes on inside of the car.

"I can’t remember seeing video this clear. It’s unique to see a good profile, so we're sharing with the local community,” said Doug Manninger, Creve Coeur Crime Prevention Officer.

The two suspects got away with a cell phone but had no idea they were being recorded. If the phone is of a certain dollar amount, the crime would be a felony.

“Typically in these situations, they’re looking for firearms. Sometimes people will leave those concealed firearms in the car, unattended,” Officer Manninger said.

Law enforcement consistently reminds everyone to be smart and safe when protecting your items, but say some people can get a bit lazy at times.

“We have a phrase in Creve Coeur, ‘lock your doors, keep what's yours,’ but the new phrase for law enforcement around the country is, ‘9 p.m. routine,’” Officer Manninger said.

As you wind down at night, take away any crimes of opportunity. Valuables should be taken out of vehicles, garage doors should be down and all doors locked.

Officers say that they’re asking for the public’s help in identifying these two suspects so that they can get their victim’s cell phone back.

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