Vintage mopeds stolen from Affton garage

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AFFTON, MO - St. Louis County police are investigating after two vintage mopeds were stolen from a garage in Affton sometime between Sunday night (July 8) and Monday morning (July 9).

Devon Hettenhausen unlocked and entered her garage Monday morning on her way to work and noticed the automatic garage door was wide open. She said she was sure she closed the garage door when she returned home Sunday evening.

"I instantly thought, ‘Oh no, bikes,’” said Hettenhausen.

She quickly saw both of her one-of-a-kind vintage mopeds had been stolen.

An incident report filed with the St. Louis County Police Department describes one moped as a Puch Magnum with a black leather seat, #5 in a circle sticker on the left side, and white sticker on the headlight. Hettenhausen said the Puch Magnum is black and red. She described the other moped as a bright pink Puch Maxi. The incident report adds the pink moped has a black leather saddle seat and a green sticker on the headlight.

The report indicates one of Hettenhausen's mopeds is missing a carburetor and intake making it inoperable.

“A piece of me is gone,” she said. "They’re something that I love, so they’re very valuable to me, but to the average person, they’re not worth anything really.”

There was no damage to the automatic garage door, and her car, which was also parked in the garage, was untouched. St. Louis County police dusted the garage for fingerprints, and their investigation continues.

Hettenhausen belongs to a club for local moped enthusiasts and has been working on her own mopeds for more than five years. She said there is a small market for mopeds because most people are not familiar with them and parts are hard to come by.

"It’s kind of like a passion of ours," she said. "You have to kind of know what you’re doing with them. They’re really finnicky. They don’t run well. They’re hard to work on. They break down a lot. So, you have to really love them to want to be involved in it.”

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call St. Louis County police.

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