Residents stunned to see bear in Wright City neighborhood

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WRIGHT CITY, MO – The latest bear sighting in the St. Louis area was captured on video Monday night.   The bear was spotted in the Harvest Acres Subdivision in Wright City.

“I was stunned,” said Chadlin Andrews.  “I’ve seen bears before but not in our neighborhood.”

That wasn’t the only bear spotted in the area.  A neighbor reported seeing a bear on her patio.

“And I saw another bear, which was a baby bear,” said Wright City resident Debbie Asmus.

The sighting comes on the heels of bear sightings in Ballwin and Pevely.

The types of bears spotted in Missouri are typically not aggressive, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation.

“Let them have their space. Let them be and they won’t bother you too much,” said Missouri Department of Conservation spokesman Dan Zarlenga.

He said hibernation season is over and bears are on the move looking for food.  He encourages anyone concerned about bears to eliminate anything that would attract them, such as trash cans with garbage inside, barbecue grill with remnants of food on the grill and bird feeders.

“The birds this time of year have plenty of food so it’s not like you’re really doing them a disservice,” said Zarlenga.  “That would go for your hummingbird feeders too because that sugar water can attract bears.”

The Missouri Department of Conservation provides information about how to stay safe if you run across a bear.

Andrews views his close encounter with a bear as something special.

“There’s only 300-350 black bears in the state of Missouri,” he said.  “To see one is a rare sight.”

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